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to extract or to correct a semi impacted wisdom?

hello everyone :-)
I'm having trouble deciding between two orthodontists, each one offered a different approach
the first one (older) after examination and taking measurements on xray said I have type II malocclusion, that he will need to do both rows, that it will take around a year and that I'll need elastic bands, I have an extracted molar on the left side and a semi impacted wisdom tooth on the right side which he said I should extract because it was affecting the adjacent molar but then said he can fix it/realign it.

I went for a second opinion, he examined but took no measurements (said he'll do when we proceed) he said we'll do both rows but start with the upper one, That it will take around 6 months, when I asked about elastic bands he said I won't need them, but he said I'll have to extract that wisdom tooth, when I asked if he could align it he said no and that it's better that I take it out
Now I don't want to do an extraction but the first guy asked for significantly more money, and I don't want elastics either I heard they were a pain, I know diff orthos take diff approaches but which one sounds more right to you? Should I try to fix the wisdom or take it  out? please help me decide!
asked in Orthodontics Forum by Amadeus86 (2 points)  

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