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Orthodontist wants to extract four teeth. What to do?

My younger brother is contemplating the idea of getting braces, but his orthodontist advised to extract 4 teeth. Is this right? What should he do?
asked in Orthodontics Forum by SeaBlue (24 points)  

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2 Answers

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Extracting teeth to prepare for braces and straightening is pretty common - I had teeth removed when I was teen (and even had my lower jaw surgically broken to alter my bite!)..
answered by CherrySpeers (48 points)  
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Yes, I got exactly 4 extracted.

Two on top and two on bottom.

If he has a small mouth like i do its a great idea. The first time you will get 2 extracted. The first time really does quite hurt i recommend taking a pain killer prior to appointment. Second time your used to the pain and know what to expect and it stops bleeding faster the second time.
answered by Chanel (3 points)  
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