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Can the retainer straighten the teeth back?

If one stopped wearing the retainer and the teeth got crooked again, can the retainer get them back to the right position? Is more orthodontic treatment needed?
asked in Orthodontics Forum by SeaBlue (24 points)  

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1 Answer

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I am not a orthodontist but retainers can not provide same thing as arcwires do they only push or pull the teeth because of teeth line up and there is no way to move to sides retainers can maintain teeths state but normal correction is not same as that braces can make tooth move where archwire shaped you know your first wire is cylindrical (to get to teeth to its position) but after that  your archwire is thicker and has edges thats mostly because of applying your tooth a second force to straighten the tooths angle with other teeths and do not forget that you can only see less than half of a tooth go to your orthodontist there can be bigger problem than that

Sorry for my bad english It is not my main language.
answered by a7dfj8aerj (22 points)  
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