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Palate surgery, braces and chronic sinusitis expernices

Hi everyone. I wanted to get people’s opinions about my current situation.

Basically I have an under bite. It’s not very drastic or severe at all but it’s there. As a result, my bottom teeth have all tipped inwards to fit in with the top teeth. The true way to fix this issue is with a surgery to break the jaw, but because of the complicated nature of the surgery and the mild displacement of the teeth, it was not recommended.

Because of my age (almost 25), and the nature of the issue it was decided to get braces on my top teeth only in order to create more space for the bottom teeth. One of the main causes of my messed up bite was an impacted canine tooth in my palate.

Because of how the impacted tooth was positioned, using a bracket system to put it into place was impossible. So the impacted tooth was just removed altogether a few months ago. (I’m still struggling with the recovery of this palate surgery; does anyone have experience with similar procedures?).

Luckily, my baby tooth is still healthy and intact so at least there is no empty space which would have made my bite even worse.

So the braces will serve potentially several issues for me. Firstly and most directly, will stop the breakdown of my teeth and improve my bite. As of right now I break teeth constantly and have chips all over.

Secondly, while the baby tooth will be left where it is, I’ve been told plain and simple it will not last forever and will fall out eventually. When this happens I will need to fill that spot, either by an implant or other device. So to one day replace my baby tooth I need the braces to make space for an adult sized tooth.

Thirdly and sort of indirectly, its hoped braces will improve my sleep apnea. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago and I am a very odd case. I am nowhere close to overweight and I have a very narrow and thin neck. There’s hope that when my narrow bite is helped, and my tongue will have more room, then potentially the sleep apnea could improve.

Now here's why this is all very complicated to achieve. I suffer from chronic sinusitis which means near constant headaches and head pressure. On bad days even my teeth hurt. These migraines also cause me to clench my teeth and grind them in my sleep which causes even more tension headaches. I also have very bad year round allergies which don’t help with the issue.

My worry is that with chronic sinusitis, braces may make my headaches become worse and potentially unbearable. Has anyone with braces had similar issues? Even if you don’t have my issues, does anyone have expertise with braces and headaches? Is it manageable or is this something I should not even do?

Also it’s been over 2 months since my palate surgery, I still feel pain and swelling on some days and half my mouth is still numb. Does anyone know if this is normal or not or have had similar experience?
asked in Orthodontics Forum by mboy12 (5 points)  

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3 Answers

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Phew, you clearly got things cut out for you :(

You'll clearly have to discuss some more with your doctors, this is a complex case and we cannot help too much, only with some ideas of our own and experiences. The best call is to discuss it all with professionals.

Now some ideas

1. I would have an implant, if I needed to replace a tooth. It's not an easy procedure, but you've been through palate surgery already so kinda know the drill. I personally don't like the idea of using 'bridges', would rather have my other teeth left alone and the one that's missing being implanted there. Sure, the final decision is your doctor's, maybe you're not eligible for this or it's not a good idea. I'm talking about personal preference here, but I never had to discuss/decide that. If you're smoking, it's clearly gonna have to stop in this case (I think it's a good idea to not smoke at all anyway).

2. I have never been through a surgery like this, but from what I read from other patients in the past years, each person deals with it differently. Some recover very fast, others take more time. It's a surgery in the end, so it's not something that simple. Again, the best bet is to have a chat with your doctor, share your fears and how you feel. This way you get a professional opinion and maybe some ideas to better deal with the recovery.

3. Wearing braces in itself is not such a huge deal, but most of us didn't have to deal with the issues you have, so we have no idea if it will bring even more pain to what you're already suffering. The first days in braces are painful (depends again on how you deal with the pain), but the soreness subsides after the teeth are 'mobilized' and start moving. You'll feel soreness when the braces are tightened (every few weeks), but this again depends a lot on your pain threshold.

In my case the pain lasted for 4-5 days, in which I ate only soft foods. My teeth hurt only if clenching them, otherwise it was OK. It was pretty bearable, so I never used the painkiller my doctor prescribed, didn't feel the need to.

Let's see how the recovery comes to an end, I think it's your main priority now to feel better and stop having those pains and other symptoms. I would have a chat with the doctor though, it's always a good idea to have a professional see you and provide the much needed input and encouragement.

Keep us posted and I hope to hear good news from you ;)
answered by dojo (111 points)  
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I had something else that was worrying me besides all of the previously menitoned things. will my face change? im really not willing to change the shape and look of my face to fix a teeth problem..
answered by mboy12 (5 points)  
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I would expect changes, but they should be for the better. I had a slight overbite, treated by wearing Herbst for almost an year, and my profile clearly changed. But it's a positive change, my lower jaw was slightly pushed forward, giving me a better look.

Not all change is bad. A good orthodontist should be able to provide you with the best results and, if there will be some changes, they should improve your look, not make it worse.
answered by dojo (111 points)  
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