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Braces before or after root canal?

Husband wants to start his treatment as soon as possible,  but he might need a root canal. Can he get the braces up and then the root canal. Does he need it before the braces?
asked in Dental Forum by MaryT (18 points)  

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4 Answers

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Usually all the teeth need to be in great shape before putting braces on, so he should probably get the root canal treatment first and the braces afterward.
answered by Mark (21 points)  
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Braces can be put on teeth with root canals and crowns, but they should be monitored during treatment and sometimes even moved a little slower.  I would recommend seeing an orthodontist who can fully analzye your teeth and bite as it is also important to consider the type and amount of movement the crown and root canal treated tooth need.

In addition, it is important to understand why you had the root canal and crown on your front tooth initially. If there is a history of trauma to that tooth, then it is even more important to move it slower and monitor its status during orthodontic treatment.
For more info:
answered by DavidLee (153 points)  
edited by DavidLee
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Did your dentist tell you that you need a root canal, or are you just assuming? Sometimes your teeth can be sensitive to hot and cold for different reasons. If you're not experiencing a lot of pain I wouldn't even consider a root canal.
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answered by Joseph Pedro (30 points)  
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For putting braces teeth need proper shape, so first need to complete root canal treatment then braces.
answered by Arun (3 points)  
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