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I just started wearing my top retainer again after a few years of not wearing it.

As stated above, I just started wearing my top retainer again after a few years of not wearing it.  I wore it only at night when I was wearing it before. I have been wearing it constantly for the past three days, taking it out to brush after meals (I leave it in while eating and am careful about what I eat).  After this short time, I have noticed great improvement in my tooth alignment, and I am less sore than I was even this morning.  

My plan is to wear it only at night once my teeth are set, as I had done before.  I am curious to know if anyone has an estimated time frame as to when that might be, and/or any suggestions regarding my situation.  I used to be able to snap it off my teeth with my tongue, and I am guessing that once I can do that again, without any soreness, that my teeth will be in a good position.  

I do realize that all my teeth have shifted, as I had worn both top and bottom retainers before, but the bottom one is a mold and therefore has no chance of ever fitting again.  I realize my bite will probably be off, but it seems that it won't be a dramatic amount, or I wouldn't have done this.  Thank you for reading; I look forward to your input.
asked in Orthodontics Forum by MelW2015 (2 points)  

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1 Answer

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I recommend you to wear the positioner, or use Invisalign M√ľnchen  or use some other methods to straight your teeth again. then make a new retainer. at this time ,you should better choose other kind of retainer to make you comfortable.
answered by DavidLee (153 points)  
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