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Are regular metal braces pre-made individually?

I got my dental image done on my first appointment and I paid for it. We set next appointment to put on braces, but my financial situation changed a bit and I decided to indefinitely postpone putting on braces. Is this likely to cause any inconvenience to them? Have they made anything especially for me as far as the orthodontic products? Thank you.
asked in Orthodontics Forum by Leo.L.Pash (2 points)  

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1 Answer

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The short answer to your question is no. The brackets and wires are not pre-made individually for the patient. There are different orthodontic systems (like different brands) that an orthodontist may prefer or use, based on what the treatment plan is or the type of tooth movement that is required.

Each bracket can be bonded to different parts of the tooth to create different tooth movements. There are different types of bracket that will make the tooth move in different ways. There may be some parts that are customized but this will depend on the system that is being used. Your dentist/orthodontist- Kieferorthop√§die M√ľnchen can advise you on this.
answered by DavidLee (153 points)  
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