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Getting Braces Off But Still Have Gap

My orthodontist said my braces are coming off next month. I was a bit skeptical, but to confirm they scanned my mouth for the retainers that would come in next month. The image generated on their computer was a perfect set of teeth. However, my teeth look nothing like that. One tooth adjacent to my front left tooth is turned on a slight angle rather than straight down, leaving a noticeable gap between my left front tooth and that one. Also one my bottom teeth is slightly behind the others, and it's also quite noticeable. Should I be concerned even though I'm getting retainers? Last time I checked, they just keep your teeth in place. Honestly, the braces fixed my teeth tremendously, but will these small flaws be corrected? Please give me some advise and thanks in advance!
asked in Orthodontics Forum by iWhSwKW (4 points)  

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2 Answers

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Your orthodontist normally tells you to go to your normal dentist and get the gap built in. Retainers won't help the gap they only keep the teeth straight. The gap shouldn't be a problem don't stress over it they can always help. Anyway I hope you're teeth look very nice and stay straight just remember when you get the retainer wear it every night!
Contact your dentist in mobile al for info on this problem. hope this helps good luck ;)
answered by DavidLee (153 points)  
edited by DavidLee
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Gaps can be covered by using retainers after braces. You can use it as long as you can. I was also having the same problem and I used retainers for 6 months, and it provided me a better result.
answered by JeffreyBrandon (3 points)  
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