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Help! Do i need extractions?

The photos attached are from when I was 19 and looking into straightening my teeth. I didn't end up going ahead with it because I got 2 very different opinions on if I needed extractions or not. I am now 26  and my teeth are pretty much the same apart from I think they may have very slightly shifted forward ( i will attach a photo). I am looking into getting them straightened again now and since then a lot of dentists in my area are using invisalign. I saw one guy that only did invisalign and thought he could achieve a straight smile without extractions and another guy who offers traditional braces also. The second said that it would be hard to straighten my teeth without extractions and that without the space created from extractions it would be much harder to achieve a good result and it may cause an un natural protruding look. as you can see from the photo of my profile I have nice volume to my face and i fear that removing teeth would cause me to lose this volume and look aged. I also wouldn't want to spend a lot of money for the treatment to not be successful and end up having to have teeth extracted anyway. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. i just realisedyou cant upload photos and ive already submitted it lol
asked in Orthodontics Forum by ashleee123 (2 points)  

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