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my teeth are worsening right before my braces are set to come off?

A few months ago I was completely confident in the fact that my braces were coming off June 13th (it's may 22nd as I'm writing this) but now, they have gotten so much worse... my teeth are SO lopsided, it's visible from far away. My right upper jaw is only halfway aligned with my lower jaw, and there are spaces in between every tooth past my 4 front ones. All of this issues have gradually worsened in the past few weeks, and his is terribly frustrating. All of my friends, when they were as close to being done with treatment as I am now had beautiful teeth by this point. I've brought this up lightly with my otrthodontist, but he brushed it off and didn't even comment on the  lopsided appearance of my teeth (seriously, its bad... I wish I could post a picture). I feel like other than my overbite, if my braces come off now they will be worse off than they ever were before I got them on. Sorry this is long I'm just very tired of worrying about my teeth when I've paid so much money and invested so much time for them to be perfect.
asked in Orthodontics Forum by Cal.kod (2 points)  

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