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Advice needed regarding surgery (or lack of) following braces

I am hoping someone can offer some help with a query.  

My autistic son (now 23) had a 2cm overbite and very crooked teeth.  We were told that his top teeth sticking out was due to the fact his bottom jaw was small and set back, therefore when he closed his mouth, his bottom lip pushed against his top teeth, forcing them out.  (hope this makes sense!)

So they recommended braces followed by surgery to move the jaw forward.  They said there was little point in having the braces if we did not have the surgery as the problem would just reoccur. So he went ahead (after a great deal of stress)

So fast forward three and half years of braces and our orthodontist dept closed, and we move to a new one. We go off to a new hospital to meet the surgical team who just said we didn't need surgery. The overbite has been hugely reduced and his teeth are almost straight.  They told us to go away and research if we needed it.  But what?  We asked if this problem would reoccur (as the first orthodontist had said it would) and they said no, with no explanation.  

How can one orthodontist say this will happen, then another just say it wont.  If he has the braces off and decides against surgery he is worried he'll have had the braces for nothing if the problem reoccurs.

can anyone offer any advice?  
(sorry for the long post)
asked in Orthodontics Forum by mrsb (2 points)  

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