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Is it necessary to pull tooth 5 out?


I'm new here but decided it was a great place to go to get info and opinions on my matter. My orthodontist has been indecisive about whether to pull out tooth 5 to get 6 in since it's "hiding" and definitely will need help to be brought out. To begin with, 8 and 9 are not centered and there is a little overcrowding in the 1-8 side. There is a gap between 11 and 12, and a growing gap between 9 and 10 ever since my treatment started.

Since my smile needs to be centered clearly, that will create space for 6 to come in, I imagine. I know I'm not an orthodontist or a dentist, but I've unfortunately seen plenty and have had several consultations. The orthodontist that is treating me right now is the only one to have suggested to pull a tooth.

I find it unnecessary to pull a healthy tooth out and create discomfort when it is okay for it to stay. I cannot speak to her directly or see her often and she's only in every Tuesday and every other Monday, while I'm away at college. I just want to know if it's necessary to pull the tooth out with the given information so I can speak to her about it whenever I can. I can also provide a picture if needed.


asked in Orthodontics Forum by xjocelyn (2 points)  

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