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Shoud I be going to work away for 6 months with Damon braces fitted???

Ok, so I work on cruise ships as my job, working away for 6 months at a time with 2-3 month vacation back at home in the UK. I went to my local Orthodontist this vacation to ask about getting braces fitted as its something I have wanted for a long time.

He reassured me that the Damon Braces treatment would be satisfactory for getting my teeth straight in the shortest amount of time, and that I would be fine going away to my job on the ship for 6 months, aslong as I saw him before I leave for a checkup and when I return.

I have now had the braces fitted and they have been on for a couple of days. I am taking extended vacation so I can get used to the appliance in my mouth and have atleast one tightening before I return back to work.

I am now questioning wether it really is a good idea to go and work on ships for 6 months with the braces. My teeth are not severely crooked and was quoted a 6-9 month treatment plan. Technically if I go away my braces will be on for much longer than necessary... and I assume they will not improve much as the wire will stop moving if I am not returning to my ortho for readjustments.

I have seen some crew members on ships with braces... I am wondering if once my teeth have moved the majority of the way in 2 - 3 months, I will be okay to go to work and then have more adjustments made when I return home.

Please any advice would be amazing!!!
asked in Damon Braces Forum by zgil (2 points)  

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