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Possible to complete treatment without further extractions?

I'm 38 and decided to get braces ONLY because by lower incisors were being worn out by the crooked upper ones (maybe 3 mm crowding), together with a large overbite. Got diagnosed with skeletal class II and, not knowing better, I dully accepted to have upper 1st bicuspids removed. After first extraction I got to reading on the subject and I now think it was a stupidity to have that extraction in the first place since all I ever wanted was straight teeth to stop grinding and hurting. I'm refusing the second extraction as I couldn't care less about about getting a perfect cosmetic result AND worsening my breathing due to over retraction of the front teeth to close the gaps. As I said, I had NO cosmetic reasons to see an orthodontist. Now the question is: can the remaining space from the one extraction (now only about 4 mm, since crowding was unilateral and already used some space) be closed in a satisfactory manner without causing too much midline asymmetry? Could one pull the back teeth 2 mm forward and retract front ones only 2 mm? I could also live with creating 2 mm of space on the opposite side, if possible, by retracting all molar teeth, BUT HOW? I'm even considering closing the gap with an implant (that's how much I regret it...) but the space is too narrow as far as I understand it... My mandible has freed up considerably from it's retracted position by using a bite plane to correct the overbite, so the last thing I want is to trap it back again or have the ortho buck my teeth to make room. It seems like every solution to gap closing could leave me with a worse looking smile (to my eyes, which are the only ones that matter here) and/or create further problems. I have what I can describe as an effortless smile, and pushing all my front teeth back will for sure ruin that.
Plus, and excuse me for being so long, if I ever did extract the other bicuspid, there would be way more space to close on that side too, since my crowding was unilateral and already used up 3 mm of the first extraction...

Anyway, thank you for reading this far. Some enlightened comments would be very useful as I'm seing her again on Monday and will ask her to change the treatment plan towards my goals only; NO Hollywood perfection, just good enough! Therefore, I would very much like to have some intelligent, viable treatment options. If I'm unhappy in the end it was on my own terms.
asked in Orthodontics Forum by pcspinheiro (2 points)  

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