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Bicuspid extractions

My orthodontist has recommended more than once that I get my teeth extracted. I have a slight upper protrusion which makes it so that my mouth doesn't close well naturally. I got two "second" opinions from other orthodontists in the area; both of which said they do not think I should get my teeth extracted. One said I'd basically need facial surgery to accomplish the look my actual ortho was attempting (because the maxilla bone is not going to move back, regardless of whether the teeth are gone or not). This makes sense to me so I basically told my ortho I'm not doing it.

Of course I want the best results and would love my mouth to close more naturally but I do not want to negatively impact my face. Any advice on how the maxilla bone can potentially move back? Do you think a 3rd opinion is necessary?
asked in Orthodontics Forum by nicola (2 points)  

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