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Extraction or crown during braces?

I'm 35 and just started fast braces last week. Only the 4 front upper teeth are bracketed. A few days before my teeth were bracketed, I bit something hard and broke an upper tooth, the one furthest in the back of my mouth, but it's not a wisdom tooth as those have been removed for years. My dentist wants to root canal and crown that tooth. I honestly can't afford it. How terrible would it be to have the tooth extracted right before the rest of my braces are put on? I know shifting is a concern, but I'll have retainers to wear after the braces. There is absolutely no way this tooth is visible when I smile, it's tooth #15. I did go to school for dental assisting, so I know the whole " keep a tooth as long as you can" deal, but after paying out of pocket for braces, and no insurance, RCT and a crown will be a huge financial burden.
asked in Dental Forum by Angela1313 (2 points)  

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