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Is my retainer still okay to use?

I have been braceless for over two years now and have been wearing my Hawley retainer religiously every night. However, a month ago it broke, and as I was unable to contact my previous orthodontist, I went to a new one who suggested getting Essix retainers to maintain the position of my teeth, even though they shifted slightly. I agreed, and I got my retainer yesterday. It fit well, but it was pushing between my two front incisors a little and creating a "black triangle". After a while, that little triangular piece broke off, thus making the retainer not reach my gums but just go aroung the two front teeth and becoming a tiny bit looser than it was before, although it still fits perfectly. My question is, is my retainer still okay even though it's not covering any part of my gums now? Will it prevent shifting? And will that black triangle disappear? I can't go see the ortho again because I can literally not afford even paying the consultation.
asked in Orthodontics Forum by Mass1l1a (2 points)  

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