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Alternatives to slanted lower jaw other than surgery???

I have an anterior open-bite and cross-bite. Had braces when I was younger and didn't have surgery.. I was told I would never get a perfect result. I lost my retainer on holiday and my teeth moved by the time I got a new one. I've felt so utterly low because I can really notice the open bite and my jaw being slightly lopsided. Ive been to quite a few orthos who have said I have a pretty face and therefore it's not noticeable and surgery would be completely the wrong option. I didn't believe them until a top London orthodontist told met lower jaw is naturally lopsided - they can't break a jaw into a billion pieces and put it back together and even if they'd DID try surgery there's no guarantee my bite would be perfect on both sides and therefore he would refuse to take me- he said I had a nice face, braces could straighten my teeth but there's nothing I can do. He also told me three times that I would be making a HUGE mistake if I did surgery. Can anyone please tell me if there's anything I can do to move my lower jaw forward and twist it in some way that doesn't require jaw surgery? I've never been so low about an opinion before and just want some help and advice.
asked in Orthodontics Forum by Emj123 (2 points)  

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