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How likely is a reaction to braces containing nickel?

Hello all, I'm new to the forum. Currently I am trying to choose a treatment plan after visiting two separate orthos for consultations.

I have a nickel allergy (basically I get a rash/contact dermatitis if I wear cheap jewellery for longer than a day or so).

The two treatment plans that I have been offered that appeal to me both involve orthodontic appliances that contain nickel. One of the orthodontists has said that he can offer me nickel-free wires on fixed braces, however if I want lingual braces the ones that he uses contain 30% nickel. I really want lingual braces!

The other orthodontist has also offered me a plan that I really like however part of the plan would involve fixed braces and he only uses nickel-titanium wires on these.

So either way, both treatment plans involve having nickel in my mouth! I have been told two differing things by each ortho - one says that nickel in my mouth will not cause an allergic reaction like the one that I get on my skin (because of the different make up of oral tissue compared to skin) and the other says that it may cause one...

So basically I'm confused. Can anyone tell me how likely an allergic reaction is to nickel if you have issues with it from jewellery etc? I don't want to spend a fortune on braces only to have to have them taken out.
asked in Orthodontics Forum by Lorena (2 points)  

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