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Am I wearing too many elastics?

Hi there,

I was given 5/16 3.5oz elastics to wear in the right side of mouth. They start from the top canine then go to the bottom canine and finish on both second molars to make a sort of box/rectangle shape. However I was told to wear 3 or 4 elastics for 4 weeks until he would see me again.

I seen him again last Friday and I now have to wear 3/16, 4 1/2 oz elastics going from my upper right canine to my lower canine to my lower second molar to make a triangle shape. My upper right canine is not completely down yet so he told me he is using the elastics to help pull this down. I asked him if it was okay to keep using 4 elastics and he said yes but definitely don't use anymore than 4.

My question is, is 4 too many? I have a lot of friends who have had braces and are telling me they were only ever told to wear one elastic and don't double up, but here's me being told to use 4. I can handle the pain and the pain both times has subsided in a couple of days so that isn't the issue. I'm just worried I am doing some long term damage to my teeth.

Just for the record by orthodontist seems great. All my gaps are closed now and it's just the upper right side of my teeth that need finishing but I'm just scared I'm damaging the future of my teeth.
asked in Orthodontics Forum by RobertJohnson (2 points)  

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