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How old is too old for braces

Is there an age limit to get braces? I know that ideally anyone should wear them when young, but not all people got the chance to undergo an orthodontics treatment at an early age. How old is too old for braces?
asked in Orthodontics Forum by MaryT (18 points)  

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1 Answer

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You are not too old for braces, as long as you still have your own teeth to 'move'. My orthodontist told me his oldest patient was a lady who was 83 and wanted Invisalign. She wanted to fix her crooked teeth once and for all.

I was in braces when 30 and know people who are 50 or even 60 and are starting treatment.

Sure, ideally you should get them from a young age, since the treatment works faster, but there are many adults in braces and they still get excellent results.
answered by dojo (111 points)  
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