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Twin blocks and big gap between molars, is my ortho doing this right?

Hi, I'm currently having treatment for my 6mm overbite. I've had twin blocks in for about a month now and everything seems dandy, when resting, my overbite is nearly gone, however my bite has only moved .5mm since because of the gaps between the top and bottom molars. I don't see how the bite can improve without these 'growing?' He doesnt plan to do anything with my teeth until I have had twin blocks for 6 months, only then remove two top teeth to remove overcrowding then train tracks.

My teeth with twin blocks

My teeth without(see gap)

Can anyone shed some light onto this? I don't see how my overbite will be fixed until this gap disappears, as my front teeth just move my bite back into the old position whenever I do bite.

Thanks for the help :)
asked in Orthodontics Forum by suitissue (2 points)  

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