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Im frustrated. I think my teeth are worse than before. What can I do?

Hi! About 2,5 years ago i finally got my first braces. My teeth weren't that bad. Here's picture from before the braces:
And first day with braces:
I thought i will have braces for 1,5 to 2 years. I was wrong. Now its 2,5 years with braces. And here's actual picture:
I hate my teeth right now.. They are much worse than before. Why do i think that:
1) look at level of first teeth. There is a big difference in levels between them. As you can see on picture before braces, my 1st teeth were the same level.
2) My teeth are more yellow than before. I can even see brown dots on single teeth :/
** As you can see, my one first teeth is a bit rugged. That's because i had an accident as a kid. Orthodontist said it will be repaired after braces off.
So the summary: Im idiot, because i should choose another orthodontist. He was just extending the treatment forcing me to pay money over and over. What do you think?

Can you look at this too:

1st. photo - actual teeth
2nd. photo - "repaired" teeth☺
3rd. photo - cloned first teeth

What in your opinion are the best teeth? Which one? In my opinion third, because they are the same. 1st looks awful, second too; maybe a little bit better.
asked in Damon Braces Forum by kapanihanx100 (2 points)  

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