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Further Expansion?

I'm 17 years old and had an expander put in at the start of my orthodontic treatment last September. It was turned twice daily for 20 days and left in (it still is in). I then proceeded to get the Herbst Appliance and regular tightening of the archwires/herbst.

However, I'm unhappy with the expansion. My smile was very narrow to begin with and I feel it could definitely be widened further - my smile is still quite gummy at the edges as opposed to the molars showing at both edges and this was the main orthodontic problem I wanted to alleviate before starting treatment. I know should've said this sooner to my orthodontist but I didn't, and I'm now considering asking him for another expander (this one has been turned maximally) - but I have two concerns:

One is that I don't want to be awkward and put my orthodontist out. I'm not certain but I presume we'll have to take a step back to take a step forward and possibly add a few months on to the treatment. He'll have to order another expander and he'll probably be annoyed at me! (He's slightly irritable!) However I would absolutely hate to have had braces on for 2 years and have had my parents pay a couple of thousand euro and not be completely happy with the end result.

Concern two is that it might not work. I was completely ignorant as regards to orthodontic treatment before September so I did loads of research online. Upon using the expander, a huge gap was supposed to form between my two front teeth to show that the palatal bone was separating with each turn. But only a gap of about 2 or 3mm formed in the first few days and it didn't get any wider, even though my molars were still being pushed outwards. I presume this is because the suture between the bone has hardened and the whole bone is now fused, so the expander was only having a dental affect as opposed to a skeletal one, is this right? There's a bit of controversy online as to whether or not this is bad for the teeth? I don't know... But I'm wondering if further expansion is still doable without surgery at this point? Is widening the smile okay for the teeth?

My next tightening appointment is on Friday and I really want to ask for further expansion to be done so please voice your opinions and let me know what you think! :)
asked in Orthodontics Forum by conorbamodwyer (2 points)  

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