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How to tell if brace wires are loose or faulty?

Hi folks, just a general question in regards to loose brace wires. I had my braces tightened about 3 weeks ago, the last tightening before they are due to come off in 3 weeks. I usually only get pain the first week after tightening however i woke up this morning and the front 2 teeth were absolute agony as though they had just been tightened, could my braces be loose and my teeth shifting back or is it normal to experience pain a few weeks after tightening as i've never had a reasonable amount of pain in this situation. I've looked at them and they don't seem to be moving or out of place. I only worry as they're so close to coming off that i don't want to have to wait even longer because my wire has come loose and my teeth have began shifting back to their regular position! Is it visually obvious if there is something wrong with them as they look normal. Thanks!
asked in Orthodontics Forum by ttscott95 (2 points)  

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