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My orthodontist cut my invisalign trays--Is this normal?


I completed 24 trays for invisalign top and bottom.  Then, my back molars weren't touching as my canines and front teeth were hit into each other when biting down, so my ortho did a set of 6 aligner trays for the top and bottom.  After completing those, the bit was better, but molars were still not touching.  At this point, the orthodontist said the best thing to try was to cut the last tray I was wearing so it only covered my front four teeth and canines and he said the molars would come together.  He told me to wear these cut trays for about 6 weeks and then come back in.

I am overall nervous about this versus doing another set of refinement trays.  Is cutting the trays a normal practice? Are there concerns versus doing another set of aligner trays?

Thanks so much.
asked in Damon Braces Forum by versus54 (2 points)  

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