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working towards surgery


i am 32yo m, i am having trouble talking to my friends about this because of the stigma attached to having braces at my age and being male,

so i have more then one question - i have been given a fixed brace top(sept 2015) and now bottom as from yesterday - i also have power bands fitted top - i am wondering if anyone on her knows the science behind all this such as what movement is to be expected and why we would want to see this type of movement - the ortho is not very clear to me - she is nice enough but is very busy being in the uk she has a lot of patients to see.

i am also due to be having a surgery, this is to bring my bottom jaw forward to correct my bite - i am wondering at what point will we start talking about the surgery - and also how straight will the teeth need to be - also after surgery how long? the consultant said to me originally 1 yr to surgery and 6 months after - however when i was to have the brace fitted the ortho said more like 3 yrs,due to being an adult and requiring surgery,  this is a huge difference,  so would anyone on here have any experiences ?

and is it also true that a class 2 jet can not be fixed by invislign - this was why i was to be referred to hospital

asked in Orthodontics Forum by Johnsmith (2 points)  

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