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Bitten on something hard: wire retainer is still connected, but feels unpleasant?

After having had braces, I received a wire retainer behind my teeth to keep everything in place. Never had any big problems with it in the 10 years I had it.

Three weeks ago however I've bitten on something hard and immediately felt that something was wrong. It felt like 3 of my teeth in the lower jaw were loose or something since the tension on the wire was very different there. When sliding my tongue over the back of those teeth it just feels strange and unpleasant.

In the meantime I've visited 3 separate dentists to check on the wire, and each of them told me the wire was fine and still attached to all teeth. None of them however knew exactly what the weird feeling could be, and told me it will probably go away.

So they were right that after more than 3 weeks the feeling got better, but still if I slide my tongue on the back of those teeth, it doesn't feel like it used to in those 10 years. So my 2 questions are:

• What can cause this strange feeling, what could have shocked my teeth so bad?
• Since all the dentists told me the wire is still connected, is there any risk my teeth will move out of place, even though the wire is in place?
asked in Orthodontics Forum by Kygo87 (4 points)  

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