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Can second molars be moved into first molar position after first molar extraction

My Daughter has both first molars inside her jaw sideways, I have spent a few thousand dollars to have pull chains installed on recommendation from her orthodontist,  they kept breaking off and didn't work. My orthodontist now says, after all this additional cost to an oral surgeon, I should pull these two teeth so he can move the second molars in to the first molar postilion. The oral surgeon agreed and said the second molars can be moved into the first molar position. Now that I have spent the money to have these two teeth pulled my orthodontist is telling me now that this cannot be done, after he said It could and now the teeth are removed and he is telling us she needs implants. I would like to know who is telling the truth and what is possible. My Daughter is 14yrs old and has had braces for 2 years already. I had the teeth pulled on the premise that the other teeth can be shifted forward, they told me if I don't pull them now and the do not straighten themselves out when she gets older they will need to be pulled and she would need implants.
asked in Orthodontics Forum by cisco (2 points)  

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2 Answers

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All of these are viable options for replacement.  Moving the two teeth forward with orthodontics is difficult and does not a very predictable outcome.  Even if the space has closed somewhat, a smaller size tooth can be placed on the dental implant.  IF the tooth behind the space has "tilted" into the space, then the best treatment would be to upright it then place a dental implant. This may require removal of the wisdom tooth, but this is usually of no consequence since it is usually not a functional tooth., bone grafting may need to be performed as well if you have lost bone in the area of the missing tooth.
Nevertheless contact DentistinmobileAl for expert solutions.
answered by DavidLee (153 points)  
edited by DavidLee
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Yes, Second molars can be moved forward to replace the missing first molars with the use of braces and temporary anchorage devices also called microscrews. However there should be adequate bone in the area of the missing first molars for the second molars to be moved forward. If there is not enough bone, then patient will need a bone graft, implant and crown after the child has completed growth. Until patient is ready for an implant the space in the first molar area should be maintained with a retainer. - Dr. Saritha Chary-Reddy, VK Orthodontics, P.A.
answered by VKOrthodontics (3 points)  
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