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Should I get my braces redone?

The permanent retainer put on after I got my braces taken off were gradually breaking off years after taking my braces off. I consulted my ortho about it and he said I would have to get braces done again because of the way my bite sits. Annoyed I refused to get them again and thought I could live with not having the permanent retainer, but I noticed my teeth beginning to space out even having regularly wearing my retainer every night. The only other option my ortho gave me was to get tooth bonding but my mom and I agreed this was not a great option for the long-run. My ortho is offering to do the braces again for $2000...and while this may be easy for families with two incomes, it's not as easy for us. I expressed my concerns with this to my ortho and he seemed a bit upset that I would have an issue with the price, he's been recommending to my dentist that I do tooth bonding. I've made the decision to get the braces re-done but my ortho has said 'the space may open up again since it is caused by a tooth size discrepancy.' I don't know what that means, and I feel as if they are trying to push me away as a client. If I could go to another ortho to redo my braces I would, but I know they would not do it for 2000.

Should I just get them redone with my old ortho? I'm not sure if he is just saying what he is to discourage me from doing them again with him or if he really does mean that my teeth will always space out no matter what I do.
asked in Orthodontics Forum by mtran (2 points)  

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1 Answer

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You always have the option to switch but keep in mind that treatment plans and appliances vary and you could end up extending the length of your treatment and increasing the cost.  Sometimes It is necessary to change out the braces, sometimes not.  
See much more at DentalSave for helpful suggestions.
answered by DavidLee (153 points)  
edited by DavidLee
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