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Would lavender be a good color for braces?

Hi, I'm technically a "boy" so I was just wondering if lavender colored braces would be too feminine or something? I don't really want to be made fun of. And if it's okay, then what would be a good secondary color? I've heard that you can use more than one color for your braces. What would be a color that would go well with lavender? I was gonna say pink but I'm not sure if that would be alright either. But, any suggestions would be fine. It can be any color that fits well with lavender. Thank you a bunch in advance!
asked in Orthodontics Forum by LittleBlackStar (2 points)  

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1 Answer

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If I remember it well, I read about gray being a better option, since it won't look that bad after a while, from all the food / coffee that will stain the ligatures.

On a second thought though ... just choose whatever works for you. If you like 2 colors in particular, go for it. I think you can get 2 colors, correct me if I am wrong.

Keep us posted though, would love to hear what you chose.
answered by dojo (111 points)  
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