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Do braces hurt?

I know I'm a guy and should handle some pain, but I'm a little apprehensive about the pain associated with wearing braces. What should I expect? Does wearing braces hurt?
asked in Orthodontics Forum by Mr.Smiley (22 points)  

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2 Answers

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yeah, Traditional metal braces gives pain, But it cures teeth issues very soon. My choice is invisalign, because it is a very good option for solving minor issues
answered by logeshmarvel (6 points)  
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The braces themselves don't hurt. The teeth that are being 'dislocated' and moved are the ones giving you pain. This can be very minor in some patients and a bit more serious with others (nothing a good painkiller can't fix though).

After getting my Damon braces I was in some pain for 3-4 days. Then, as the teeth got loose and started 'moving' it was gone. When getting my archwires changed I'd have some soreness for 1-2 days, but nothing compared to those initial 3-4 days. I never took any pain medication though, it wasn't that serious.

Overall the orthodontic treatment is not that painful as you'd expect it to be. And the results are clearly worth the hassle ;)
answered by dojo (111 points)  
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