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Can a premolar be rotated 180 degrees into correct alignment?

My ortho extracted 4 bicuspids, but now with the front teeth coming back a bit and the rear also coming up. I noticed that the tooth behind the bicuspid on my left side (which came out 180 degrees backwards) looks really bad to me.

Because the big side is on the inside of my mouth and the small side faces the outside. When I smile it looks like a tooth is missing.
My ortho said he would mot rotate it, but now that ot is more visible I feel like something has to be done.

Opinions, thank you

Here is a photo
asked in Orthodontics Forum by acmoc (2 points)  

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1 Answer

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Your teeth look really nice :)

Maybe veneering? If I couldn't get the tooth rotated, I'd personally look into making it stand out a bit with a 'filling' or something. What has your ortho advised in this case? Is he providing any solution? Or?

PS: don't forget I'm not an orthodontist, just someone who had the treatment ;)
answered by dojo (111 points)  
Well we haven't discussed it yet.
I went with one other ortho before this one, he said he could rotate it but he was against the extractions.

I really wanted the extractions because my teeth were flared out quite a bit before this. So I went with this ortho.

Another ortho, also did not want to rotate it but suggested a crown. Which is like a covering I assume.
Yeah, crown would do the same. Maybe this might actually work and you don't have to rotate. As long as the bite is correct, of course ...
And I was curious if it could be pulled, and put back in the correct way, would the roots grab again?
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