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Functional Orthodontists?

I have an overbite with a 6mm protrusion, crowding, and a bit of TMJ. I've visited multiple orthodontists on regarding getting braces for my mouth. In regards to my receding chin (Class II case), all 4 doctors have told me they cannot move my chin forward; they can only push back my upper front teeth. One of them told me I may need to extract 4 teeth, another told me 2 on the top. Last two doctors told me I didn't not need to extract any teeth. They all told me that the changes will be subtle and they will almost be no change to my face and/or jaw structure because I am 17.

Now the real reason I'm started this is to ask if anyone has any experience with a "functional orthodontist." I have browse the net for them and according to various sources, they can actually move the jaw forward by using "functional applications." But even so, there was very limited amount of information about this practice. So follows a few questions:

1) ANY experiences at all with functional orthodontists?
2) What is the average cost difference of functional vs traditional?
3) Ways to find a functional orthodontists? I tried the International Association of Orthodontists website.
4) All other information regarding this and my overbite is greatly appreciated :)
asked in Orthodontics Forum by Jamers (2 points)  

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1 Answer

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Welcome to the community.

Unfortunately I have no advise for you, am not an orthodontist anyway. Can you ask if a Herbst appliance might work? I wore one for about an year to solve my issue (chin was also a bit 'behind').

As the teeth extractions are concerned .. they are not a huge deal, if you can get the alignment to work. Of course, it would be better if nothing was extracted :)

Is there any doctor you REALLY trust and is good? I had a very good orthodontist here, so it wasn't an issue for me to trust the guy. If one of these people is the one you trust, you can do what he advises.

Keep us posted and best of luck :)
answered by dojo (111 points)  
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