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Will braces cause sores in my mouth?

I have read that many Damon braces patients had sores in their mouth because of the metal braces. Should I worry about this? Will braces cause such sores?
asked in Damon Braces Forum by Mr.Smiley (22 points)  

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5 Answers

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They'll most probably do. Just think that you'll have something 'extra' there, some wires, some brackets. Your orthodontist should give you some dental wax though. Use it on the bits that are pocking you (and do it before you develop serious sores) and it will be better.
answered by dojo (111 points)  
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Most of the time they do, especially at the beginning of your treatment. Don't let them do too much damage, as soon as you notice something is not OK, use tge dental wax.
answered by Mark (21 points)  
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Yes, most probably they will. It is no surprise our mouth isn't designed to hold the braces and since the braces are made of metals and there are sharp edges they tend to cause scraps in your mouth and they become sores. This will happen if you are using short term braces or the normal ones. But don't worry your dentist knows what to do, so he will take care of it. I got my braces from Dr. David Silberman's clinic at Texas and he took care to see that the sores didn't trouble me much.
answered by Michelle Inouye (6 points)  
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Yes that's true. I suggest that you use dental wax.
answered by CherrySpeers (48 points)  
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The best way to treat this is simply by applying a little dental wax to your braces. The wax plays an important role between your braces and your lips.
answered by DavidLee (153 points)  
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