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Orthodontist wants to remove braces while i still have a large gap in my top incisor which was created by the braces.

He then wants me to veneer my 4 front teeth. I had no gaps in my teeth when I started this process to straighten my lower teeth which were crooked from crowding. My top teeth had one tooth that was overcrowded. Now my front teeth are slightly flared with a small gap also. I have worn braces for 18 months and don't mind to keep the treatment up until teeth have no gaps. My dentist appears to be in a rush to end treatment.
asked in Orthodontics Forum by sizzle (5 points)  

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3 Answers

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The teeth should align perfectly and the orthodontist should make sure it happens. If you are actually seeing a dentist and not an orthodontist, I'd say look for a proper one to see what can be done. Too many dentists venture into this area, without having proper education (Orthodontics is a serious specialization and it requires more study, it's not something you learn to do on the job).
answered by dojo (111 points)  
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I am in treatment with a orthodontist. He is a premier invisalign dentist in California. I tried invisalign first but found my mouth was too dry so I switched to traditional braces. I had slight crowding of an upper tooth but no gaps. During the course of treatment a wide gap opened between upper incisor and the tooth next to the front teeth. He wants to leave the gap and have me bond or veneer.  Ortho said he felt my tooth next to the incisor was slightly smaller than the matching tooth on the opposite side. Felt my bite would not line up properly. He has not repositioned any brackets. Just keeps changing the wires and the gap in not closing.
I had a before and after invisalign picture shown to me prior to my getting treatment and it did not show gaps left in teeth or I would not have started treatment. My teeth have slight variations in size. I am sure that is true for most individuals. You would not look at my teeth and say " oh m gosh...look at the different size teeth."
My normal dentist said the gap is too wide to bond. I am seeking a second ortho opinion but I am finding ortho's do not want to look at or treat anyone currently in treatment unless you are changing due to travel distance not dissatisfaction.
answered by sizzle (5 points)  
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Aha, good to know the guy is actually an orthodontist. I have noticed quite many dentists provide such services (for less complex cases) and it wouldn't be OK, since they don't have the proper schooling/experience for this.

If there is a difference in the sizes, maybe veneering would do the trick. It would also be a faster solution anyway, than more time in braces.

I really don't know what to say .. if the bite wouldn't align well, that's indeed a big issue, aside of esthetics (which we care about), the main concern is actually for a correct bite.

Keep us posted, would love to see what solution you find.
answered by dojo (111 points)  
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