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Will my jaw sift back to its original position (backwards) if I don't wear retrainers anymore?

(English not my native language)

I was wearing common braces with elastics for 2 years.I got them off in 2012.I wasn't(and I'm not) happy with the results.My face is ruined and it's noticeable.My jaw is shifted forward.My ortho said that he can't do anything.Another ortho said the same.

Yesterday I decided to take off my non-removable retrainers (I was wearing them for 3 years) as i heard that teeth usually shift back as they were before braces.Will my jaw shift back in its original position if i don't wear retrainers?

If yes,how long will it take?6 months,1 year or more?       (20 years old)
asked in Orthodontics Forum by Thrandy (2 points)  

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1 Answer

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I would discuss it with another orthodontist to find out how to properly align the jaws. I do think it's something that can be done. In my case, I wore Herbst for almost an year to bring my lower jaw a little forward. I presume something can be done for the opposite issue, but DO DISCUSS IT WITH A PROFESSIONAL.

The problem with teeth getting back to their initial stage (or somewhere in-between) is that you'll just make the entire treatment useless, which would be a pity. It's a long time to be in braces and a lot of money. So I wouldn't rest until I find a good orthodontist who can help me improve my alignment and not have me wasted a lot of money and all these years in vain.

Keeping fingers crossed ;)
answered by dojo (111 points)  
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