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Are Damon braces really better than other braces?

I read about Damon braces being a good choice for orthodontics patients. Are these braces better than others or is it just the hype?
asked in Damon Braces Forum by SeaBlue (24 points)  

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4 Answers

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There is clearly some serious hype with the Damon system, but they are good, at least this is what I could see. They are safe ligating, meaning you don't need ligatures to hold the brackets on the archwire. This is pretty nice and speeds up the process (from what I read) anyway. I had Damons for 7-8 months and was very impressed with my teeth progress.
answered by dojo (111 points)  
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I've had my Damon Braces on for 4 days. Surprisingly, they haven't caused me too much grief. I chose them purely based on the fact that they are a little less visible than other braces. They were a little more pricey, but for me, especially with my issues with my teeth and people looking, the extra $500 was totally worth it. Some people haven't even noticed them when I've been talking to them. My advice, do your research and do what feels right!
answered by Alexaaa (3 points)  
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By using lighter forces to move teeth to their desired positions, there is less pressure on your teeth for more comfortable treatment.
answered by CherrySpeers (48 points)  
edited by CherrySpeers
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Damon brackets are a type of bracket known as self-ligating. To “ligate” means to bind or tie. With conventional braces, the wires are held in place by ligatures or o-rings that secure them to the brackets (which are the metal pieces attached to the teeth). With self-ligating braces, part of the bracket itself holds the wire in place without the need for o-rings or steel ties. Some brackets have doors or “slides.” Others have clips. The Damon bracket was not the first self-ligating bracket, but I believe it is the best. - See more at:
answered by Joseph Pedro (30 points)  
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